Misifu: The story of a cats that came on a plane with Slavs from Venezuela


In the presence of President Sebastián Piñera, this morning there were 100 Colonists from the Boeing 767 from Venezuela on the FACE group 10 of the FACH.

There were 43 people, 57 women and a cat on the payroll. Inside a cooling bag with Misifú, an incompatible mascot Andrea Guedes (19).

The young woman, the Venezuelan father and Chilean mother, said the cat had to be cleared to support the trip. "I was uncertain at first, but we gave him a pill, we took it away," he said.

"First, it cost, because of the papers, because the journey was far ahead, but we got out, with God, it's four years old in January, it's tough and frightening, and He is the worst of them, "he said to Guedes, he moved with his family to Coquimbo.

The animal is essential in the young woman's break, who suffers from migration. So, attempts were made at the Puerto Ordaz consulate to board a plane that was out of Caracas.

"We are pleased to be able to give Misifu because it is a real support for my daughter, we are tired, but we are very tough, in Venezuela, that the situation is very tough, it's very hard, "said Claudia Suazo, mother of Guedes.

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