Miss H's Hen Nie's beautiful features like meeting with the Cultural Institute of Cultural Engineering


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Encouraged at the 2018 Fragile Building Competition with special hair, healthy brown skin and high face, Lan Anh's reminiscence of the image of Miss Worldwide Victoria 2017 H Hen Nie. However, Lan Anh says he is an individual, who can not mix his style.


Encouraged at the 2018 Fragile Building Competition with special hair, healthy brown skin and high face, Lan Anh's reminiscence of the image of Miss Worldwide Victoria 2017 H Hen Nie. However, Lan Anh says he is an individual, who can not mix his style.

Ngo Thi Lan Anh Construction has looked very like Mrs. Hen Nie

Ngo Thi Lan Anh is a student in the 62th session of Civil Civil Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Construction Guidelines. She has just been crowned as the Great United States War who looks for representatives of the school and has had great congratulations to friends, relatives.

And the reporter talked to the new Ngo Thi Lan Anh girl to understand more about this girl and forever.

Hello Lan Anh, how do you feel your feelings when you hear your name sung in the highest seat of 2018 Fragile Building?

When calling his name in the United States grace of the 2018 building, it is a joy to behave with pleasure and pride.

He welcomed us to have been pursuing a persecution effort during his competition, all the commitments we put in to the finish were completed.

I am proud of representing the beauty of students of the University of Civil Engineering, a beautiful mix of room, a talent in the soul of technical students.

These were those who made happy demons in their time called the Chinese name.

Despite his personal appearance, Lan Anh remains very persistent when he is in a position; struggling in traditional dress

Can you share some information about yourself?

My name is Ngo Thi Lan Anh, currently a student at the 62th session of Engineering Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Management Construction.

My future dream will become a good future female engineer by promoting my professional and foreign languages ​​at the University of Civil Engineering.

As well as work, I also want to be a great hospitality, and with that I am interested in standing on the stage as a singer. amateur

As well as learning and taking part in class activities, I always want to; spend time to day to maintain good physical and mental health.

I hope that he will contribute more to the work of the school in the future with his youth.

Ngo Thi Lan Anh in a gown at night.

If you do not think, what girl will be full moon?

Every woman who participates in the Face Building, not only the highest 15 in her; border, the beauty of each of you, the flowers of colorful stones.

In my opinion, your share is to be an American, and you also have a special way to bring the girls' image to your school building.

Have a representative face of almost 1,500 "stone flowers", do you feel the stress?

Coming to a representative of "Flower of the Rock" in fact it is a great responsibility. Instead of feeling stress, I am going to; See this as a stimulus to my own development, to protect my knowledge and skills.

I decided to participate in the competition to express the personalization and talent of technical students. Even though I am the only competitor with hair; I grow, I'm still confident, because I think that the inner beauty, the soul, the wisdom are more important than it looks like.

To reach the highest place, Lan Anh made every effort in the series of activities, he will dedicate the dedication to every visit from the minimum level of provision. I'm really happy that the blood was good.

A fire fell like a "stone flower" as flowers when he heard his name for his throne

Why do you expect to go to the School Building University that is considered as a gathering place for many boys?

A new idea of ​​the University of Construction has also commented on a technical school with many lazy, dusty, …

Come into this school to stretch yourself, and when you learned in the school it suddenly realized that the hidden heart is hidden under the school's dust, a soul is full of freedom.

Evidence that Building students are renowned for singing talents, instrumental play, students themselves, lecturers by going to; creating a complete set of songs about the school.

How do you want to take your friends around the profile of students at the University of Civil Engineering?

As a representative of the beauty and wisdom of the "stone flowers", I want to bring friends to the profile of the students of the new University in Building: prestigious, advanced, innovative in the field. but not dry.

Students are also actively involved in social activities, especially in talent and especially in spirit.

With his / her folklore, Lan Anh has been a representative of the Women's University since 2018 who is desirable

What do you think of some of your reviews that are like Miss H's Hen?

Mrs. Henry Nie is one of Vietnam's best-looking producers, a model of her; young people, I think it's interesting when some of the estimates seem to look like it.

However, I did not follow such a single style, I cut my white hair about 4 months ago, just because I wanted to try new things.

I do not think that each individual can not be able to; mix, I choose the style confidently to express personalization, and I will continue to express it; Try to build an excellent style but less of your grace.

What do you think of a modern woman today?

In my opinion, a modern woman in modern life needs independence, living with her passion, and her. make sure that decisions are made. In addition, traditional criteria such as beauty and wisdom can not be abandoned.

Thank you for Lan Anh and I wish you to succeed in life.

A lively Russian runner

Ngo Thi Lan Anh is interested in standing on the stage as an amateur singer. She sang her voice in the talented competition through the song "Lullaby for me".

Previously, he had long been loyal to long hair. She cut her hair a little about four months ago, to try new and more exciting styles.

As an active student, Lan Anh has been involved in many student competitions such as Front Cover and won the talent competition. In addition, she won the first prize of the K62 talent competition at the University of Civil Engineering, won by the University of Civil Engineering, the Audition & Got Talent 2014.

It's the only competition to be in & # 39; Competition with a son of a foolish son, Lan Anh confident that he has a unique personality, that she can not mix.

"Beauty and soul are more important than that, and so I'm very encouraging in 2018 a graceful," Lan Anh split.

According to Hong Minh / Dantri.com.vn

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