Miss Peru was registered in alcohol and now could lose the crown


Miss Peru Teen's winner Camila Canicoba attended that party and recorded in a bitter Anyella. That minute's video, in which Miss Peru can be seen sitting on a teasing bed, let him go and he viral in the days gone by, El Comercio said.

After that, hundreds of people criticized Canicoba to record Grados in that state, the Peru newspaper said in another report. Because of this, the 19-year-old told her that she had done to "report" the written "Peruu" comments in private.

"It is my intention that the state would take me steps. I was amazed at what it happened from time to time. I understand that the organizations are answering in different ways (including alcohol). T camera, but I managed to sign up when I went to visit [donde] the person I told him. "

According to the same media, the Miss Peru Teen group decided that they would let Canicoba not have Miss Peru to drink, but t attending the party as he was not allowed.

Regarding Grados, Miss Peru's group identified through Instagram that the 20 March was going to tell the story about the queen; but, he did not do that and the reason It is not yet known whether he will lose the crown, which would stop stopping at Miss Universe.

Grados published at the same time a statement on the networks in which he was celebrating that it will “take legal action” against “the person” who has registered the drink without his consent and then the videos spread. Despite mentioning Canicoba, she did not show it clearly.

In the end, the Queen thanked all the supporters who have supported her and to prove that her family will not ignore "against this clear struggle" of her reputation. "I have a bright conscience and my soul in peace"and he put it to an end.

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