Miss USA Ridicals Mrs. Bhietnam for not speaking English


Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers has gone to the ground after a video of the fighters that miss Miss World Missions who have no English language. appear online.

According to E!, Summers came together with Ms. Colombia Valeria Morales and her. Ms. Francesca Hung at Instagram Live where they talked to her pageant competition. Summers gave particular attention to Miss Cambodia Rern Sinat and Miss Vietnam Hen Nie, who are not fluent in English.

"What do you think of Mrs. Nie Vietnam?" Summers are asked in & # 39; video. "It's so beautiful and she says that they have a majority of English and then ask her a question after she has done a full conversation with her and i'm going [nods and smiles], "she says to laugh." She is pleasing. "Morales wants her," how? "and Summers repeat his / her verdict.

Further on the video, Summers has a & # 39; bringing up Sinat and making more narrow ideas. "Mrs. Cambodia is here and she has no English and no one else can speak a language. Can you think?"

Can I think of a contest that did not speak English at its & # 39; Distribution? Um, yes, I can do myself.

It appears that it is a topic in Summers, which agrees to be a # 39; hear about it in the video, which is a? like that language. [for Sinat] and I said yes and just disappointed all the time. "Worrying who, just? Summers do not say.

She completes her thoughts lamentably, "Poor Camp".

The film was well done with many of them saying that they were disappointing on social media. Some pointed out that the page is an international competition in the page, and others; Explain that they make xenophobic. Miss SA also comments on Trump's mercies telling his plans to take away Vietnam refugees of war.

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