Miss Worldwide 2018: A gala in Vietnam, Chile and Chile, the best thing


In a & # 39; marching in primitive gala dress chosen Covers of Miss Universe 2018, Many led them to pick up points after their march in a swimsuit, against others he removed them.

They were the biggest colors on the shell red, white and the dark night was dark. However, several candidates followed the tradition of Miss World World and chose gold and money.

An Valeria, Colombia, Colombia He broke the tight designs of the body used by Ms. Colombia before and decided to plan the type of queen and red species.

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Miss Vietnam, H & N Hen Nie surprised the people who attended the event with its spectacular scenery and its obvious beauty. There was a yellow cloth on a young woman, with a white hair and a beautiful face, which was perfect and she let her stand out.

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Miss Chile, Andrea Díaz With her handsome appearance in a swimmering room and dresser dress, she got up enough points that she would have been included in the top 10.

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