Missing to # 39; Injection of waste, a 3 million VND fine was deducted to the former officials of the Labor Department, Invalids and Social Affairs.


Thursday, November 22, 2012 07:07 AM (GMT + 7)

With the campaign that causes unhealthy public streets, Cam Xuyen town authorities have punished the former officers in the 3 million DOLISA area.

Prior to this, 19/11, security cameras have registered a person to drive a car to bring many bags of scroll to the Hoi Cau area (after Hoi, Cam Xuyen, Ha Tinh) and then distance between.

Missing to # 39; Injection of the waste, a 3 million fine - and its first officers in the area DOLISA - 1

Mr Tr. By placing rubbish from a car down the road causes a lot of sound (cutting from the team).

This clip will then be posted to social networks. Many people have been expressing rapidly and said that human actions have been moved, not to be aware of environmental protection.

Through justification, Mr Nguyen Quoc Tr.

Mr Nguyen Van Nam, Head of Labor Department, Invalids and Social Affairs of the Cam Xuyen area, said Mr Tr. A member of the DOLISA Area who relinquished by 2015.

Regarding this event, Mr Hoang Van Chuong, Chairman of the Xuyen Town People's Committee, said the town has come to prove the clarity and decision to drive the person who drives it to # 39; car transportation carrier in the middle of the road Post-

Therefore, Mr Xguyen Town had control over Mr Nguyen Quoc Tr. VND 3 million with the campaign dumping a garbage that causes uninstalled on the streets, public.

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