Missions warned: 36 fraternal cases are found


New issues herb in Argentina, what appears to be the result of a disease that has been eliminated; society again. From the area's Ministry of Health Missions They warned about 36 people in 2018.

Out of the total number of diseases, only 26 patients were cure after completing treatment, he informed the health authorities of that department.

What is it?

Mycobacterium leprae bacteria (not "Hansen & bacillus") is a prolonged herbal disease caused by a long period of up to 10 years, depending on the protection of each patient. In addition, it is best to affect its & # 39; skin and the remote illness, as well as some internal members.

How is it dangerous?

It should be borne in mind that this disease is not susceptible to everyone, for many times the body protects against its disease; bugs.

This means that people who are unprotected with greater threats to a & # 39; surrendered by "direct and long communication" with a patient without certification or those who are not treated, warned from the Misiones health ports.

What is healing for herring?

Dr. explained Juan Rusiñol (MN 74521), a member of the Dermatology Service in the German Hospital, has been remedied and includes a variety of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs and for inter 6 and 12 months, depending on the type of herb that occurs. The renal disease is if the cure is complete in full.

The early consultation key is a clinical signal for early diagnosis, the patient's proper treatment and family control. Prevention has been diagnosed and treated early and control people who live in the same house. The patient treated to develop his life can be developed in a normal way, according to TN published today.

What is the situation in Argentina about this illness?

Although we reach the aim of the World Health Organization (WHO) to be completed in the country with a lower level of 1 per 10 thousand occupants, in recent years there are still issues of this disease. Here, the disease is marked by its measuring boundaries and in some geographical areas such as the NEA, NOA and central areas, although it is They believe they are related to internal migration and sometimes to countries such as Bolivia and Paraguay.

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