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Close-up affinity, harmony, enterprise and impact have helped close Vietnamese representatives rapidly gaining attention in a range of international beauty.

On the afternoon of November 20, the organizers of Miss Supranational 2018 and Ms. Jenny Kim organizers; meet and exchange with her first group of competitors when her beauty is officially in Poland to start. Conquer the crown of honor. There are pictures of this activity too Mythology Update your world-wide fans through the lively section of their official website.

According to the person who participated in the live stream MythologyThe reason for this site is that Minh Tu is one of the face-to-face interviews, and her beauty is so fond of her. The international fan community and many fans, supporters, and Vietnam or Vietnam.

Responding to & # 39; The above question, Minh You're telling it in particular that is not so famous, and it's just a normal girl. And sure enough – especially the listeners of their home, its actions should be monitored.

Is Minh Tu Missosology interviews separately

When asked about the reason for this year's Miss Universe competition, the 2018 Next Top Model said, "I have two reasons to compete in. My brother was when I was small, and he was also an opportunity for me to meet and interact with people because I had little opportunity to take part in international beauty competitions.

Second, I went in for my country. When I'm involved, I want to overcome my own challenges and boundaries. And you know, the competition looks different than its model! I have to try to change a lot of things to take part in this competition. "

In the lively section of Missosology, you got Minh points too when he took the initiative to take a beautiful place while he was in the picture with Miss Jenny Kim and other competitors. In particular, the old coach of The Face Vietnam, at the same time, is the black dress with the white collar platform compared to it.

During the live stream on the personal page after a few minutes, Minh Tu's fans were "cold" when they show a friendly, representative image, alongside other competitors. He is very familiar with Swedish competitors saying his name is "hello" in Vietnam, or teaching Brazil's representatives; speak simple English words.

Minh Tu said that Brazil's applicants can not communicate in English but she is very enjoyable. Not to stop there, the "muse" of Phung Chung Thanh Photographer was also celebrated when he was close friends with Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary …

The first competitors were present

Minh said the Polish weather was very cold, under 0 degrees Celsius and there was snow. She thanked Miss Hai Duong – Miss Supranational National Director in Vietnam for her warm welcome.

On behalf of Laos, when the interview is Mythology, She said she was very happy with Vietnam's representative. Due to the fact that Minh Tu a & # 39; The first person who met her when she came here and two native languages ​​was translated as Vietnamese-Laos as her brothers.

At the same time, some of the other competitors said they knew Minh Tu before, through their influence on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram …

Miss Super National 10 hours started since 19.11. A prestigious proprietor will be published in the last night on December 7.

Minh Anh – NVCC Photograph

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