Mistrial in a double murder case, a father saying that a generic attack was opposed


Cameron Rogers says that the father attacked his case that he had attacked killing, issuing legal certainty for a double murder in tailspin, this newspaper may now appear.

The eleventh claims of genuine abuse made by Rogers came to defense lawyers, just a day before the defense team came to start off, including his / her case in the # 39; a two-step lawsuit in a lawsuit.

Not only did Rogers tell the lawyers who were responsible for the defense, and he did not mention the allegations in his three confessions about his killing.

Rogers, 24, is still convicted of two counts of murder of the first step for the liberation of November 2016 to his parents, Dave Rogers and Merrill Gleddie Rogers. He was convicted of the murder of the man, but his case was rejected by prosecutors. And now, the jury that was expressed to refuse his decision.

Rogers' final complaint about Rogers must request an additional court time to be assessed by the prosecution. But after they have been supporting the jury to find out for her & her; bring back a trial in the new year, leaving Kevin Phillips, three of the 12 members of the jury Monday, four subscriptions; Court on Ontario Superior Court, they can not go to; attending.

That gave the total number of applicants to nine. But he also meant that the jury was "not properly established," said Phillips before he put off the jury, and as a result he went out as he was. Despite this, the lawsuit can still follow a judge only, if the prosecutors have the right. If not, a new test would begin at a later date.

While her & # 39; Monday's tour was made as a result of accessor juror, Defers defender lawyers had argued for mistrial just last week in a separate claim. They were saying they were A complaint about sexual assault that meant they had to go to; fought to clear their casework theory that the jury had already been heard in pieces when witnesses were tested on his / her; Crown.

Chief Inspector of police crime in Ottawa at the house of the former Volunteer spokesman Dave Rogers and his wife, Merrill Gleddie Rogers, November 29, 2016.

Jean Levac / /


In that medical demand, the defense lawyer told, Joseph Addelman told her; Last week's court, without the jury, stated that his client had self-defense issues when he spoke to an emotion after his / her; complaint to his council.

Cameron said to his inspiration that he did "what he had to do to live," added Addelman.

These arguments, which have been made without a jury to be before a leading judge, usually fly to the ban until the jury begins the debates. That ban is not more effective, heard by court.

"So far, we've been giving parents a picture as it is related," added Addelman to her; court during the application. The theory of defense, before Rogers' allegations, was no reason. The new information may be given other options to protect Rogers who can disable their ability and purpose.

The court heard evidence of the Crown that Dave and Merrill were terrible, tough parents who made their sonfriend, who had been diagnosed and confirmed by ADHD. That evidence was not really determined by Rogers defender lawyers. He did not have control of a lack of control of his own life – including to # 39; including a recording in an unwanted college program, with a bed at the age of 22 and was not allowed to work ever before – his parents Rogers killed, his Confidentiality.

Addelman, and co-councilor Pierre-Olivier Lemieux, argued that the move in a "even understand your journey" defensive strategy and that Rogers would disturb the right to a fair case.

Fellow of Attorney Matthew Geigen-Miller said to his & her; The court did not know almost how the sexual reproduction of sexual beings revealed.

"There is a problem in the position of the accused person," said Geigen-Miller.

However, Phillips' Justice was willing to take the test to give the prosecution time to be able to; Get a forensic psychologist to evaluate Rogers. That closure, be transported into the new year, would be a "uncertain cruelty" on three members; minister, continue to his / her; mistake.

Chief Inspector of Manuscript Det. Chris Benson said the Gleddie family "has been inspired that he is not going to settle at this time but are still supporting the process and are still confident in justice management. "

Merrill's brothers, who have been present at a lawsuit, have put their lives forward to have a " court to see the process, Benson said.

The test once again heard that Rogers recognized the brutal slaughter of three different times and did not know; tell him to complete his father in his cart and his / her; Cover her mother in a tape before they hide their bodies behind a shed in the back row at their home in Apeldoorn. The test also heard that when he had to get into the United States when trying to escape the country, he always told what he was expect to do in the country. Initially he said he was going through the Appalachian route, devolved to go to; going to "sex party" in New York. The boundaries knew that he was planning to live and work in the country and did not enter it.

None of Rogers' new allegations have never been tested in court.

The test started in November and was expected to hold six weeks. The Crown was given the case but the jury had not returned to hear evidence from November 23, when lawyers told defenses to court that they would be able to go to the court. give evidence.

It is expected that lawyers will go ahead with a judging test on Wednesday.


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