Mistrík and Čaputová were also talking about one-sex partnerships


President Misterík and Zuzana Caputova are currently presiding candidates as co-ops as opponents. This was set out in the Sunday T3 conference session in Politics.

Applicants also spoke about one-sex partnerships. Mistrík said that the marriage is reserved for both male and female relationships, but one-sex couples need to give their rights as a consultation with medical records or help them; property position.

However, it opposes children with couples. Caputa said she was registered as partnerships. In her words, she would also try to press the edges and her; reduce the fear of non-activity on this topic.

The two candidates also stated that they would maintain the same way as President Andrej Kiska at the moment when they were; communicate with the political representation of customers and would not call them for political discussions.

They emphasize, however, that they would not make sure that the voters of those parties were given. "The constituency of the electorate is placed in a political representation pack, but there is a huge difference," said Caputova. "You must look for voters," Mistrík agreed.

Caputova and Mistrik also said they would not name Robert Fico, President Smer-SD, as a constitutional judge.

"I think it's good to communicate from the candidate of the president's candidate as we express the same values," said Čaputová, who also stated that the politics that exploit its & # 39; potential for changes in the election of constitutional judges, Mistrí noticed that the constitutional judges had such a public appointment at the discretion. many of those judges do with him.

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