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A recent report on Mito's expenses in 2018 had recently been circulated. In the last year, the Mito phone industry lost around 500 million Yuan and the official decision ended this industry in mid 2019. The mobile phone market is extremely weak, and the mobile phone market is getting really weak, and the phone industry has closed down. Another mobile phone operator can find another way.

According to the Mito financial report, the annual 2018 income was 2.791 billion yuan, a year-on-year reduction of 37.8%, and a net loss of 1.43 billion Yuan. In a time when mobile phones are struggling, the growing rate of clientele is getting closer. Although Mito has long been a declining mobile phone industry and says there is a consensus on collaboration with Xiaomi Group, the name is iconic, photographic technology and second level. His Mito mobile phone is licensed only to Xiaomi Group in the world, but it is still very difficult to escape. The market link.

Xiaomi is responsible for R&D, production, sales and promotion, and Meitu continues to support image and beauty technology. This link is very relevant to each other. At Mito's performance conference, Wu Xinhong also said that both parties have begun to co-operate initially. The progress of each project is determined by expectations.

If the platform supports the transformation of 4G to 5G technology, this will affect the time for providing 5G for output, but the overall co-operation of the two parties is evident. It is expected that headlines will start in June-July.


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