Mitsubishi New Pajero: as it can be


The Japanese SUV has always been a popular hit in the Russian market, but it has not been long-term renovated, and there is no information about the new model. We have so far decided to think of the potential for a new generation.

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Japan's leading Japanese company name was introduced since 2006, which has long been the industry's new industry standards. At the same time, his generation is in a moment; (now the fourth in a series), in particular, deeply erected the third generation of the 1999 model. His body was very successful, and thanked him that the -andries still on & # 39; model. The same design for this time has been unique and has been demolished from the company's new model range. The main thing that should be to identify its & # 39; The modern model is a materially important part with a great "two story" optics in the upper part with LED LEDs that are a run through the day, and in the lower part elements of a large rope are converted.

Mitsubishi Pajero front4

The total proportions of the body, which are a family part of the module, can be equal, while the base provided on car reporters has increased to & # 39 ; leaving the area of ​​the back row of seats. The side walls are simpler and simpler, the glass side line has changed slightly. The crossover food is made in the style of the latest brand concepts, which are marked by "fleashan" in the back of the top and the light is more complex. In this case, you can save one of the most exciting elements of the current Pajero – a sparkling spindle, which is used in the body.

Provided in Russia, the Mitsubishi Pajero is fitted with one 3-liter gasoline engine, which develops 174 pp small with new levels. The new generation, in general, needs new tools: first, the movements are in place; at the moment asking industry-based businesses to install turbocharged devices, with a diesel engine with a capacity of 250 hp the best option. The current promoter currently uses "5-step automated", which is also an excellent solution. The new SUV should be at least 6 steps, or even eight, at Pajero Sport's most accessible.

Mitsubishi Pajero cùil4

It is not yet known when a new generation of SUV appears, but recently its company has expired; The first teaser of future contextual communication, which will be shown at Show Motor Geneva.

Today in Russia, Mitsubishi Pajero can buy a five-door for 2,969,000 rubles in the Instyle settlement, the final version is 122,000 more expensive.

Remember, we recently wrote at least Pajero Sport worth the second generation that won the second generation.

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