Mixed results on early exams of people who make iron separation after a & # 39; brain erosion



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There was no drug for too much iron and toxins from the body after having a brain; showed significant progress in revival or brain work at three months after unprofessional hemorrhage (stroke), but showed some six-month benefits, the 2015 American Stroke International Stroke Conference, best meeting on around the world for researchers and clinicians associated with science and treating disease diseases.

Blood breakdown after brain hemorrhage can cause poisonous submissions; including iron, which destroys the surrounding bird. In animal research, there is deferoxamine – a drug that lets iron out of its & # 39; body (process known as iron stone) – enhancing revitalization and brain work.

The Intracerebral Hemorrhage Deferoxamine (iDEF) Test is a double-random, randomized, multicenter test, run by placebo at 42 U.S. and Canadian centers. Inspectors investigated the safety of deferoxamine and whether the drug is sufficiently committed to improving the product after brain hemorrhage before they make a major lawsuit for a & # 39; handle handling efficiency. The 291 patient patient survey (average age 60, 38 per cent of women) within 24 hours of brain spin.

Inspectors noted:

A high dose of deferoxamine (62 milligram per kilogram of body weight per day) was a lung disease and related to more state-of-the-art condition; It brings out the epidemic of aggression to the aggression of the lungs and its; reducing oxygen levels in the lungs of blood, but moderate doses (32 milligrams per kilogram of daily body weight) are safe and well tolerated.

The main result showed that intermediate dose of deferoxamine for three days after brain hemorrhage did not have sufficient progress on revitalization and brain work at three months, but it was likely that better outcomes Patients who received the drug after six months of genital hemorrhage began in secondary studies.

"We saw progress in the three-to-six-month revival in both the deferoxamine and placebo treatment plants that suggest that the revival of a genetic hemorrhage is long, and that it may be better for future surveys to consider the impact of the medicines that may be six months or maybe later to complete full- impact on the full impact of these remedies, "said Magdy Selim, MD, Ph.D, a professor of neurology at the Harvard Medical School and head of the Department of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston S" We carefully review our data to determine whether we should make a major lawsuit to investigate the effectiveness of deferoxamine in improving outcomes six months after brain hemorrhage. "

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