MK News – & # 39; It is an amendment book & # 39; The Younger; in "Romance" I will repeat it from the beginning … As it is a new member of staff "


[매경닷컴 MK스포츠 김도형 기자] Romance & # 39; The separate appendix & Naoyoung burned not the will.

On the afternoon of the 10th, a tvN drama "Romance in appendix supplementary", found Kudan Lee (Na In Young) a book of notes while he was in a while; organizing the Koyuseon office (Kim Yu-mi).

Her pulpit realized that her ideas were real, recounting the story that Koseon had never "been thinking about the copy".

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Picture descriptionThe `Romance 'was a different appendix` NaYoung Kim Yu – Photo = tvN` Romance & # 39; did not understand an extra broadcast of additional broadcasting

When the high wire came in, the pulpit excused, "I was sorry I did not understand it." "I thought I could not grow if I just dropped it. I wanted to be bigger."

"Indeed, I worked here for a while and then I took up my job and tried to work with another." "Now, I will look hard from my work. The book has become better."

He said, "Now, I'll learn what I got from the beginning." He said, "Because I'm a new member of staff." [email protected]

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