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[MBN스타 안윤지 기자] Young Ae Seung 17, who just wanted to be a member of the band, has been getting the & # 39; money from the first broadcast to & # 39; showing the honor of the new series.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 9th, Nielsen Korea said on April 8, TVN "Young Soo Ae 17," just to resume, and # 39; Watch the TV level TV, IPTV,%, Up 3.0%.

The broadcast began with the appearance of Young-ae (Kim Hyun-sook), who is struggling with a single-mother in the country, after her spouse Sung-joon (Lee Seung-jun). Anyway, a young blue girl looks first like to make an unusual smile.

The young people look like a paddle of rose with her daughter, and a wild boar falls after him as if it were to be told to the hard parents.

Young Lee, who left Seoul and started his second life with Joon-joon and a honeycomb in Gangwon-do. The marriage was harder than I thought. In a vibrant rural life that will bring a wild boar and his / her; reaching the prize, Young Ae strives to be comfortable with her & # 39; a child who is crying with bait on her breast with her; a long-term emergency signal that can come to sympathy to See, I raised my awareness of childcare.

A new position came out before such a child came. Young Chee (Jeong Dah-hye), who was present at a couple-made hen-farm opening ceremony, was on bus to Seoul. It's a seud (information seat) that I took my seat bus; parasite company in an hour. The two started moving from the first meeting. The personality of the world is not even satisfied for the person who got to the mail one minute in the past, but the jewell who was in a position; saw the herding place of Younghee in the hunting hunt that had been shouting.

The jewel that I discovered was the milk pack that was given to me by a mother's milk, and that I followed the girl on her bush and said, But, Mr. Young Ae, who followed the jewel caught on the taxi and her. Bring a fire called Gasser, with the mouth. In particular, Young Ae is not known to be a president of the Paris Company that promotes the information about the Park's story to go on jewelery.

In addition, he liked the paradise families to enjoy the changing and changing chemistry.

Miran (Lamiran), Seo Hyun (Yun Seo Hyun), Ji Soon Tha Hyun (Seo Soon Hyun), who oversees the Young Chae's Chicken House House promotional materials, aims to win the opening ceremony prize. Sub-members Family members also took part in the news that the president, who was newly settled to Paris, arrived at her; company earlier than it was first recorded.

As a paradise stalactite stone, the figure of the Boothouse that has shown its foundation is full of accidents, and its members at the moment. a parcel that was stolen by a stone that had been in a & # 39; move from the first day to smile. Above all, the end was that Kim Young-ae, who returns to Paris as a mother, is eager to have worked, contributes to the future prospects for future development. Reporter Ahn Yunji [email protected]

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