MK News – "Amazon's second headquarters, half of the administrators' posts … is unfit for IT"


50,000 new jobs 50% are supported by staff, marketing, accounting, legal cases, etc.

About half of the 50,000 people work at Amazon's second headquarters are linked to information and technology, reported on the Wall Street Journal on Monday.

Recently, there are Chiefs in Seattle, Amazon to the Virginia Landing, Landing Northern Virginia, near Washington, DC, and City Island Long, Queens, New York.

Amazon has invested $ 5 billion (around 5.6 trillion) in its second headquarters and said that it will employ around 50,000 new employees. However, we decided to divide the second head office with its case in order to; reinforcing large IT capability.

That means you need to pay about 25,000 new employees in Washington, DC and New York.

El Raney Suarez, New York City Development Corporation at New York City, said, "Of the 25,000 new jobs, 12,500 IT staff," he said. "Managing and human resources will provide the other half."

President of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, Stefan Morett, said 50 per cent of the IT and non-IT sector were half of the support, finance, accounting and legal issues.

Indeed, these jobs will never have low salary jobs. The average annual salary reaches $ 150,000 ($ 170,000), Amazon said.

In fact, the proportion of senior administrative staff is because the nature of the organization is like headquarters & who has sovereignty in the eastern part of the United States.

However, it has been discovered that Amazon's second headquarters is not based on the power of IT as a key part of the second Silicon Valley.

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