MK News – Brazil, yellow fever this year? … São Paulo's lifestyle claim has been a disease


Health authorities "to ensure that other mussels are possible" … Extended Vaccine

Healthy health authorities have found zoos with yellow fever at the zoo in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

According to Brazil's media, the health authorities in São Paulo have confirmed that there is a wild fever at a zoo in the south of Sao Paulo on Tuesday.

The health authorities are looking hard at the hills and they are going to see it. watching other monkeys in the zoo.

Sao Paulo city has established a temporary health center at the zoo door and enhances vaccines for residents and visitors.

Nearly 77 per cent of Sao Paulo citizens have already been vaccinated. It is known that her / her vaccine is in # 39; Yellow disease can be effective after about 10 days of attack.

The government of São Paulo and governments kept mice in custody and keeping them into a natural environment after the dead bodies of the monks that had died due to the detection of yellow fever at the beginning of the last year, last year.

However, in August last year, mice that were believed to have been detected from a yellow fever in the Tatouba district in northern Karla, found in northern Sao Paulo, and health officials reported that the virus is Oral disease in the Atlantic coast forest I think it's there.

Yellow fever, common in Africa and South America, is a major fever caused by arbovirus, which is known to be pulled by mosquitoes.

When you get a yellow fever, symptoms appear like fever, gutters, tissue, rubbish, recreation, headache, and first muscle suffering. Worse getting worse, high fever, gratitude, blood and progress, and if it is not dealt with quickly, 20 to 50% of the amount may be; patient dies.

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