MLB / Hu Zhi is a war for the Indians. Next year, Central League of Nations Division Baseball | NOWnews News today


Hu Zhiwei (picture / illustration by Liu Youting)

The 25-year-old Taiwanach tar Hu Zhiwei, who played for Rays team, moved to the Indian team. Indian Indians are said to have been converted to Gionti Turner from India to India.

Hu Zhi was aboard Major League in 2017. He played 11 games in the & # 39; Major League from the second season. He clarified 21K in 23 games and won 1 benefit and 1 loss. The level of protection is 3.52.

In the season, Hu Zhi played 24 games in the competition, 19 a & # 39; Starting, receiving 5 benefits and 7 calls, and b & # 39; The level of protection 4.66. In terms of the league, there were 5 games and 11 games, with a level of protection of 4.15.

In 2015, Hu Zhi's two-city team used to give Kenvin Jepsen for the light. At this time, Jiang Shaoqing, Zhang Yucheng, Zhu Liren, and Hu Zhiwei who just come together, and who have the largest players in Taiwan.

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