MLB / Otani Shunping returning to the country. It may have been the national national day of member civilians; in advance Baseball | NOWnews News today


Otani Hiroshi (Picture / Related Journalists / Dazhi Image)

This season, Wang Angels, a newly-restored United States, officially officialized Otani Xiangping to Japan on the 21st, the Japanese media sent hundreds of people to move interviews, and fans Up to 250 have welcomed home.

When Otani walked out of his airport, he entertained and showed the fans. Many fans also said: "Wait your news about getting a new one."

Although Otani won the prize, he also released a ligament review, and he will have a break in the next season, and he will be able to return to the next game of the League of Champions.

In addition, Otani was also told that they would have a news conference on the 22nd, and they may tell the news about a national football party member ball- member ball.

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