MLB "reaches the most foreign players with 3,166 visitors. Belce announces retiring – China Times News


There are 21 League Championships, and there are 3,166 visits to the biggest foreigners who are in attendance; The old age Adrian Beltre, aged 39, officially tells how they left today (21st). "He is then retiring from my favorite football game." "," he said.

The 39-year-old Bell Cui has been waiting for Dodge, Sailor, Red Sox and Rangers, hitting 3,166 visits, including 477 running home and, contribute to 1707 RBI. He was selected for Stars 4 times and won 4 Silver Earrings and 5 Golden Gloves. His post of 3166 is the 16th in the league and boss; He is the stranger.

Belle Choi, who decided to hang out her & her; gate this year: "After many patient evenings, I can make this decision and retire from the foundation that I play throughout and how I prefer."

In case of their decision to be & # 39; retiring, Bertrai said: "I've been really thinking. I'm grateful for every opportunity and everything that gave me football. The time is to complete this life. "

(Times Times Newsletter)

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