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Editor of Red Man Raisel Iglesias (Dealbh / Press / Dazhi Image)

Raisel Iglesias, finishing Cincinnati Reds, introduced a contract with the team for 24.125 million (about NT $ 720 million) for three years. The most important thing is that this contract prevents salary salaries.

Iglesias from Cuba signed a seven-year contract with the Reds in 2014, but as long as he is entitled to a salary negotiation, he may opt to not; ending the remaining contracts. Igles earned $ 4.5 million this year and also worked up with a top 30 salvator rescue 2.38.

In order to allow Iglesias to raise salaries in the next few years, the Reds proposed a new contract. Dick Williams, president of Red Man Baseball's Operations, said: "If it hit the performance we have seen over the next three years, it may have a better value, but it is clear that both of us threatening us and we all get what we want from the dangers. "

In order to achieve Iglesias, Williams said: "He always plays at a critical time. Indeed, he does as well as others, and we want to increase its value."

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