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Ray Bay Bay is a Hu Zhi trade for the Indian, this is the second time Hu Zhi has been abducted in a professional career in the US. The previous time was changed from the Twins to the Rays team, while & # 39; what was Indian This is the third team that Hu Zhi has set up for his position.

Hu Zhiwei said he had been summoned by the leader of the team yesterday and informed him about the news about the service: about 20 minutes later, he called for a new team from India , a & # 39; First congratulations on Xintiandi, he also said The team will trade it to hope that the Indians will affect them.

Hu Zhiwei said: "Indeed, the fright is very calm now, because this is a business, the players will not know how to play their bullets If you want to be able to join with Zhang Yucheng, I need to change quickly. Environment and culture of the new team. "

The Indian Taiwanese players like Zhang Yucheng and Zhu Liren also knew the activity news. Kyle Snyder's special message is to Hu Zhiwei, saying that if there is any future event. Any problem needs help, you can find it.

"Indeed, due to the previous trade experience, this time it's not just the difference between large and small. But it must be noted that it is a new start From the training environment to the competitive environment, it is very important to go into a sudden way to everyone and to the culture of the team It is for your own pace follow up. "

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