MMR vaccine insurance? The investigation will come to a clear conclusion


Many parents worried about the rumors that vaccination is against measles, mumps and rubella in children leading to autism. However, a new audit can now be undertaken.

Three-legged vaccination, measles and rubella, are a routine vaccine which is recommended by the Standing Commission for Vaccination (STIKO) to provide protection for viral diseases. However, many of the MMR vaccine vaccinators will be criticized by a number of resistance workers and this will always follow for a specific purpose: The vaccine for autism development would be. Now the researchers are involved in a major review of the query.

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Danish researchers had analyzed data from more than 657,461 children since 1999, as reported, among other things, the World news portal. The focus of years of life from birth to the tenth year of life was its focus. When researchers compared factors of autism in children with MMR vaccine and in children without immunization, it quickly grew: t There is no link between immunization and autism development,

6,517 cases of autism were detected in the observation timeThe survey also examined the most vulnerable groups, such as children of ugly brothers and sisters, and once again the researchers found no greater risk of autism, as published in the publication. Annals of Internal Medicine ".

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An old study of MMR vaccine has long led to uncertainty

Even more defense Although the MMR vaccine is not capable of being sufficiently tested and therefore children are less likely to report, it is now according to the researchers that there is no link between MMR vaccine and autism.

Parents who are 20 years of age were unstable in the last decades: a British doctor named a development disorder that he witnessed in a dozen children after having been immunized against measles t , the mumps and rubella. Eight children created a form of autism. Although the survey was withdrawnAt the time, immunization rates in Britain declined.

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