Joel Biggie Matiza's Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Development has shown that there are up to 150,000 cars. deal with the decommission that is present.

The government will quickly inform the Government Gazette that will force that move effectively. Once a car has been recorded, it is technical; become valuable because the owner is entitled to a valid title. The Minister Matiza was saying

In relation to the Vehicle Registration and Licensing (Chapter 13: 14) Act, it is illegal to use a vehicle on a public road unless it meets the registration and licensing requirements that have been established. In particular, section 12 of that Act states that the proprietor of each registered vehicle will hold such licenses that are licensed in respect of this Act.

Section 12 of that Act empowers the carrier registrar to go to; Deleting a vehicle registration if registered, unregistered is licensed or exempt for a period of over two years.

My remarkable ministry is surprisingly that there were over 150,000 vehicles in its initial vehicle licensing database; month, who had passed permissions for more than two years without exemptions.

This is not only essential but unsuitable. Motorists responsible for renewing their licenses or receiving freedoms over time. Therefore, the public that affects their vehicle licenses should be moved privately.

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