Möbelix likes Dank's profile with Rigorossa's funny advertisement


No one can rack a person as a rack.

The great suspicion (clearly stolen) with Andrey Danka is still there and has come into advertising. On November 19, Möbelix will launch a Live Wall animation shelf online on November 19th, which "all resources will be available for completion".

There are five books on the shelf, which steal Andrej Danko, according to Den N, in his stacks and he did not say he pulled them.

Two days after publication, there are more than two thousand copies and almost 900 sections.

People have the same link in the ideas – they have been "laughing" that no one can give anyone as someone. " Others believe that the skipper is now campaigning for the creation of a national furniture maker.

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"The idea started in our social group, as not just about events and products that Facebook is, but also about entertainment," said Ms. Renéta Grznarikova from the Möbelix marketing department for Daughter.

The submissions did not have the people who appeared under the expected mail. "Möbelix is ​​a furniture retailer, we want to sell home furniture and furniture, we do not want to be involved in a specific area of ​​policy," said Grznáriková.

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Similarly, Sadkay was also shown in August.

In Bratislava, people watched their menu with Hranol, Gašpark and Robkom. The company will have a & # 39; selling special seats and advertising that sitting on their seats also deserves a large front with a red connection and a bobbin, a fire truck and a T-shirt with the "Police" inscription, as well as a gašparka a & # 39; hanging on motus.

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