Mobike calls it a stop, asking LTA permission for permission to issue


SINGAPORE: Mobike applied on Monday (March 11) to seek approval to wind up a bike share in Singapore, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has ratified.

In a response that emailed questions from Channel NewsAsia, LTA said that it assesses Mobike's request every Tuesday, and works with the company to ensure it has explored all the options. recommend that existing assets or operations are to transfer license clearances to minimize consumer impact.

The LTA stated that it has pressed Mobike if consent is granted to grant consent, it must make a proper move by removing all bikes from public places. The company must also provide refunds for practice investments and pre-paid credits in accordance with the terms and conditions of the company.

Mobike has also granted its applications for the removal of PMD consent and to maximize the size of the shared share fleet.

Mobike on Monday said it would pull out of some Asian countries and reassess its units in overseas markets among widespread market vomiting and a high competition.

A license from Ofo in Singapore was last month that failed after LTA requirements, including the correct implementation of the QR code system.

Mobike is the third Chinese bicycle sharing company that faces difficulties in the Singapore market, after Ofo stopped in February 2019 and released from Biike in 2018.

The three companies left with full operating consent are Ofo, Mobike and SG Bike's starting point. At the same time there will be sandbox licenses at Anywheel, Grabcycle and Qiqi Zhixian.

Under the Parking Areas Act, a bike sharing permit may only be granted with the written consent of the LTA.

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