Mobile phone launches launched on a day-to-day launch in Community Vietnam


Yesterday, Phones Stories: Bang Bang VNG officially launched in Vietnam, the 5Vs5 MOBA mobile game is the same game as the traditional MOBA games: a 3-way map, a forest, magnificent range, the aim is to & # 39 ; pushing the road and attacking the house. The enemy system is divided into individual appointments. Their game features a special feature as a birdstone, a skin-visual display, a & # 39; call the Lord …

First day's Mobile Phone Stories launched in Vietnam - picture 1

Preferred from VNG before, the Vietnam version will continue to compete with the # 39; international community. The general data and current users are still unchanged, events in a game are increasingly evolving with the international version. So, gamers have come into the previous international version Suitable Storytelling it must be released in Vietnam to connect to accounts so that they can specify data.

Phones Stories have a first day in Vietnam - picture 2

Despite that on the day of the box, it seems Phones Stories: Bang Bang VNG I encountered many problems related to this account connection, and the players needed "play again". In addition, log problems are also going on, causing that a & # 39; community gaming has been very disturbing.

Mobile Phone Stories started on its first day launch in Vietnam - picture 3

To date, log mistakes have been corrected for a short time, and game operators have also directed the gaming community to link bills between the international version and the draft. Vietnam.

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