Mobile PUBG players need to link their Facebook account to this November


To improve the quality of service and knowledge of the community of Vietnam players, in collaboration with Tencent and VNG, Vietnam's VNG version will launch rapidly. It is expected that this start date will be in November. During the transition, players should be aware of the countdown so that harm can not be damaged.

In order to update Vietnam-based Vietnam players in Vietnam they need to attach a link to Facebook's personal personal account. After connecting all the information about the character, items that will be purchased will be & # 39; live also. Players who use Facebook logging can continue to & # 39; use a new version of Facebook account entry, or change. For players who use the host account and other logging methods, you can complete the Facebook account link immediately so you can create information and card information in the game. Despite this, the census can not go back to # 39; using the Vietnam version.

The following is a guide to connect with a Mobile PUBG account with Facebook to integrate Vietnam's interaction.

Step 1: At the game interface, select Options (the geometry image).

Step 2: At the Basic menu, select the Facebook icon at its # 39; "Connection Inventory".

At this point you need to access Facebook's Facebook account.

If the message is "Account attached. Sign in to Facebook!" if the connection process was completed.

Step 3: So, after connecting, you can select the Facebook icon to proceed to log in.

You can quickly connect to your Facebook account so that you are sure and play a & # 39; game in the most comfortable way.


This guide is only for mobile users of PUBG during their Twitter account, Play Games (Google Play) or no guest. If you've previously logged in with Facebook you do not have to continue.

After connecting successfully, you must wait for a renewal from Vietnam from VNG to start Vietnam's interfaces. Depending on what has been announced by VNG, the update date comes close, which is & # 39; expectations of the middle of November.

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