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Most Viking people have a hate to use paper invoices. Now Vipps thinks they can get rid of it for good.

LONDON (Nettavisen Økonomi): – This is what we should do hardly in Norway for a long time. It is a paper paper and children's numbers that customers do not want. They are constantly agreeing, saying Rune Garborg, head of Vipps, to Nettavisen.

The plan is now ready to do something about it.

Garborg and a co-attempt have taken a big step in taking the paper invoice with the ugly Kid numbers.

It can take away

It indicates that all the solutions are already in place to describe paper invoices about scrap dredging.

– Any company wishing to get the paper invoice can now be taken. I think, when you see how easy it will get rid of, I'm going to see it. think that more and more people are doing, Garborg says.

Vipps companies can be offered directly through the app. Optional, buyers can now erase the paper invoice and pay it digitally.

– I think that paper invoices are very similar. This is something that is a big concern for customers and wants a lot of work to make the companies out, says Garborg.

Indeed, he believes that such a bill can go far within three years.

– Much has happened at that time. We aim to remove as many paper invoices this year as in the last ten years together. It is about 30 million of 140 million invoices only this year, he says.

Getting to grocery stores

But the invoice is not the only one who will change VIPps throughout the year.

In 2019, Vipps can pay at 40 per cent of the corporate stores in Norway, whether Garborg finds what he wants.

– High ambition, but we are optimistic. We believe that a sales trade requires it, because it does not cost them more than they do; pay today, Rune Garborg told Nettavisen Economics.

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The three big ones

Vipps already offers payment in 3000 online sources, but from nowadays there is no storey store or other corporate sources, but only some of the test projects, which & # 39; offers a Vipps payment. In a short time it may change.

– There are no agreements yet, but we are in many conversations, Garborg says.

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It does not hide that they use three grosor groups, Rema 1000, Coop and Norgesgruppen (behind Kiwi, Menu, Spar and Joker), along with their own kiosks, such as Narvesen.

– Where the big books are lying, says Garborg.

Not successful

Moving payments in corporate stores still have no work in any western country. In Norway, Rema made 1000 attempts in 2017 with the Vipps company at Danske Bank MobilePay, with no success. All Mobile Payments are now closed in Norwegian.

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Vipps boss believes that Vipps mixes of simplicity, low price and good loyal program solutions are good to get the three giants on the team.

It is specially believed that Vipps can offer something else for the group loyalty program, Trump (Norgesgruppen), Æ (Rema 1000) and Coop Member.

– When VIPps use, one will be able to access the general usage and overview of its & # 39; loyal program. One can, for example, see what you have on the Trump account and also make it easier for the money to be withdrawn, Garborg says.

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