Mobility of Boca: avoiding bottle of driver and director action – 11/25/2018


Darío Rubén Ebertz is a driver of the Boca team for many years. And that was what a wheel had to do; micrones during the River followers attack on Saturday in Avenida Del Libertadores and Lidoro Quinteros. He took himself, calmly, to show that He could be turned into sadness.

Ebertz said he had gone before a bottle and, If he did not want a sad leader, everything would have come to an end on the worst road. "It was a ugly feeling, I do not pray anyone, I did not think I was going to & # 39; then, there are no words to explain, it's a football game and I thought we were going to war, "he started his story.

"This did not happen to me, we did not pass on the number of opponents, and when I passed the Libertador tunnel, I realized that something could happen and I called a policeman on her & # 39 ; accelerating cycling because he was going We already played, "he continued. He said: "I broke the two windows beside the closed one. They broke the glass and covered my face. He put a bottle of beer on my ribs"

At that time, Boca's driver broke down. "I was out of the breath, it was a bit seconds, I was very scared because I felt that the hard guides, Horacio Paolini (second deputy head of a club) Wheel and asked me if I was right. He was an angel; in Paolini who put God into me as she would not say so. If nobody does not accept it; Wheel I do not know where we finished, "he said.

Paolini told him Clarin "could be a catastrophe". "I kept the wheelchair when I saw that Gringo He left for a few fingers. It was very bad due to the spinning of the glass and that's why it was; went away. They threw our behaviors on us and from my glasses they did not affect me and I was able to take a steering wheel, "said the business.

Knowledge of micro Boca. (Photograph: Marcelo Carroll)

Knowledge of micro Boca. (Photograph: Marcelo Carroll)

Hardly, the driver gave more information on what he knew: "I made Lidoro Quinteros a portion and again I met many people from the River, I wanted to swallow the ground up, I was caught by them Hopefully because I felt that his / her children were playing players, I know I had a lot of confidence on the macroghus and that was why I was scared. "

Meanbh-explained that the way the police were always like it, even though it emphasized the construction of flat fences: "When I arrived at the hotel I did not know where we were to get in. They wanted to go around Puerto Madero and go back, but go to court river, you'll be entering through Quinteros and Libertador. In the previous games in that area there were always wooden fences that would cover end to end. Now it was not. No one says"he complained.

He went again and was encouraged to talk about a "liberated zone". "Other drivers who know how the case says to me" I think they gave you a gift, Gringo& # 39; And for me they sent out of the area. It is true that the players came to sing. It is normal. The last game came, the River also sang and did not happen to them ".

Knowledge of micro Boca. (Photograph: Juano Tesone)

Knowledge of micro Boca. (Photograph: Juano Tesone)

An Gringo, as everyone in the world of Boca asked, had a pepper gas to go into the micro who came into the Monumental. "The gas came in. It affected me and lost my breath. I reached the court. I can not even & # 39; shift from the city. When we passed the part killed, they then threw a gas. Tell the people who were in I can still lock up glasses because you're still missing; Feeling the effect of having a pepper spirit. "

Despite everything, Ebertz has made sure he does not stop his position and lean on with Boca: "The boat does not leave it, Boca is my life, I am a & # 39; I'm giving the company that I can also work. Campus driver ".

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