Modification of genes in chicken has been changed; eggs with cancer treatment & # 39;


Scientists have succeeded with chickens making eggs containing a medication against some of them; cancer through genetic methods.

| Maaike van de Graaf

This makes the drugs much cheaper than when made at the factory, according to researchers at the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

Genetic modification

They will let you know that the quality of its medication is the same. Scientists have succeeded in the investigation by adding two human prots to the DNA of hen. The IFNalpha2a protein works anti-viruses and certain types of substance and other protein (macrophage-CSF) Ensure self-destructive self-harmful material is repaired. The good prototypes then rise in the egg through the hen.

Delicious flies

Chicken is around three hundred eggs a year, so the approach is much more effective than the current production mode, according to the researchers. Accordingly, three eggs should be enough to cause a medication dose. According to scientists, it is too early to prove the drug on humans, but they still have a good hope that the medicine can be used in future people.

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Genesis Diseases

Many diseases occur because the group does not produce enough protein. Indeed for this purpose, protein has long been used for cancer and other diseases. The medication methods are very difficult and so these drugs are in expensive expensive factories.


Source: Biotechnology
| Photograph: ANP

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