MOE for moving important & # 39; to promote education system: Ong Ye Kung


SINGAPORE: The steps will be announced in the coming days to bring the "education" to the education system, Ong Ye Kung, Minister of Education, Sunday (February 17).

He said that this is the "third installment" in the Ministry of Education (MOE) to continue to continue; Promoting learning for life.

"It will be a great help … it will be again a multi-year effort that I am thinking that will greatly enhance the education system," said Mr Ong within a ministerial community visit to Sengkang.

He did not give details, saying that he will be named during the forthcoming Solar Committee debates, which will be held in the days after Finance Minister, Heng Swee Keat, report & # 39; Budget 2019 issued in Parliament on Monday.

The first solution is MOE's efforts to improve the education system; including movement to reduce the test, to emphasize academic outcomes. This is to improve the "balance between learning joy and rigorous education," Mr Ong said.

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The second initiative included the establishment of an inter-agency action group to look at strong support for Undertaking students from unexpected families. This initiative is led by the Second Minister for Education Indranae Rajah.

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When asked if the 4th generation of younger directors had taken part in preparing the 2019 Budget, Mr Ong said: "It's not just the debate of his budget but he knows Anyone now comes from any of the youngest ministers, it is a good opportunity to go through discussion and careful consideration before new policies come true. "

On visiting the ministerial community, Mr Ong noted that the younger ministers had 30 of the 90 visits that were sent out to all constituencies in Singapore.

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"We've done about 30, 60 more to go. If we are working hard, we may be able to complete it in a three-year period," he said.

"Every week we're out here are open. Residents sometimes seem to be surprised but I think we're getting a & # 39; a & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; I'm sorry, I have a good understanding of worry, concerns and what they are happy, they are not so happy. "

When asked if this was part of a move to election mode, Mr Ong said: "If gears change, it would have started three years ago, as we've been walking on the ground really hard in the last three years. So I'm sure the day we finish elections, we will change gears to prepare for the next election. "

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