Mohammed Imam announces the start of filming a thief from Baghdad


The artist named Mohammed Imam first filmed his new filmmaker, one from Baghdad, where he started filming his & her; first sight in late Saturday.

Mohammad Imam said: "We Trust to God … A first step in a big and difficult project. Baghdad film manager … Let's go."

Sinjri Films, official producer of Yasmin Sabri, has signed his name with Yasmeen to co-star the role of the women in the film, and the first time he has worked with Yasmine, where Yasmin Sabri was the hero of the films; before.

Mohamed Imam
Mohamed Imam

The "seventh day" learned that the second non-Egyptian heroine will be remarkable, in particular the film includes many events and a debut drama comedy must encourage non-Egyptian language content and different according to the context of the film context.

The film "Baghdad Thief" by Mohamed Imam, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, President Yasmine, and others, was written by Tamer Ibrahim, led by Ahmed Khaled Moussa, representing Sinergy.

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