Molenbeek: Schepmans (MR) is good enough


by & # 39; Vanessa Lhuillier

Sophie de Vos, master of Auderghem, will be at the best of the most famous college.

Sophie de Vos, master of Auderghem, will be at the best of the most famous college. – M.G.

A & # 39;The abilities are in late December to name members of the future colleges and aldermen. As well as trying to find the most able and most inspiring candidates, another press has been added. Colleges need to fight for equality or have at least 1/3 members of the same sex. Sometimes it's hard to get people to do; fulfilling the responsibilities of aldermen. In other cases, it is essential to move between the choice voices of the selection and the species.

All colleges do not know yet for the time, only one sign will recommend more women than men as a member of the college. This is Auderghem. Since the burgomaster did not block him, Didier Gosuin (Challenge), the work was not obvious. By joining with Ecolo, he knew that the party would bring two women: Elise Willame and Lieve Jorens as a German alderman. On the side of the Challenges, this data needs to be accepted to create the rest of the college.

"I took the best of the voicessays Didier Gosuin. As an actress manager, I organized Sophie de Vos. For a surplus, the choice was sometimes difficult because it was important to regenerate the college. However, we have 65% of our selections. We decided to make a joint, & # 39; including also that not everyone was available. "

Choosing a choice of votes, Didier Gosuin chose four women and three men. Two men had more voting in their place. One Christophe Magdalijns, currently the actor's master. He decided to report to the Department the following month of May. Micheal Colot is the other retired early retirement and therefore can not be a guardian. Regarding the leadership of the CPAS, Didier Gosuin decided on Jean-Claude Vitoux to present the place of his current chairman, Véronique Arthus. "CPAS has some problems and I think it's good to change the regulation", saying that the bourgestre has not been suspended due to its ministerial situation.

But Auderghem is very important in the Brussels Department. In Ixelles, for example, while a PS-MR college was largely women, the next Ecolo computer and PS will return to 50% of echevines. And on the social side, Caroline Désir will be the only man. "We looked at the best voicessays Caroline Désir. At home, men got bigger scores. At the same time, we knew that it would be an opponent in Ecolo where women are full. If that's not a case, we should delete the order. However, I do not like it. We know we need to help women to make higher scores for the next time. "

Invite women to go to colleges

For the burgomaster of Ixelles, Christos Doulkeridis (Ecolo) in the future, the choice was clear. He wanted to have three women and two men like green aldermen. "Traditionally, our women have to make scores betteradd Christos Doulkeridis to him. So, it was reasonable that they would be more representative of our college but we need to go to; taking into account the aspirations of each one. It is true that I have to argue to prove or not, some have to go up. In my position, I was aware that it was essential to confirm that women have been able to " accepting career roles. Often, they do not think they are the most able to work or are afraid they can not take over the family life. I like to remember that my family is also important. I took a holiday in the country to take care of my son. I think we are a senior person to help them influence these fears. "

All applicants want to be on the board but it does not use it. Disposal may be a change in meeting times and also a better division of home-based activities.

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