Mona Monaif and Laila Saddam receive the Sanofi Medical Research Prize 2018 for Sugar Tissue


Mona Monaif and Laila Saddam won their first prize for the best medical research on the prevention of diabetes.

The research of the laboratory and diabetes's illness in Hafir Shaker's hospital in Sfax, Muna Munif, is aimed at diagnosing diabetes early in the morning before being arrested and to & # 39; Supporting the prevention of diabetes in people with obesity and the guides and medications to ensure that there is a serious adverse effect on obesity. In the survey there were 300 people with obesity.

The second research is, according to the expert geologist in the medicine of Al Habib Hamza, Laila Saddam, to create a health team that is ill-health. including nurses, doctors and nutritionists, who regularly meet children with diabetes to give their essential psychological care before they reach youth and protect them from the dangers of & # 39 ; refusal to handle.

His competition, organized by the Sanofi laboratory, took place in collaboration with the Border Tunisia Association, 12 papers. The establishment of a French ambassador in Tunisia hosted a third-party awards ceremony.

On his part, the general director of Sanofi's work in Tunis, Shoukri Jreibi, said the competition aims to support the fight against diabetes in the first and second her branch and to encourage research initiatives in this area.

Al-Jaribi said that his / her competition was held in the cooperative framework with his & # 39; Society of Illness, which emphasizes the fact that scientific research should be at # 39; Focusing on diabetes in their first category and those infected with insulin loss and second division.

France's ambassador to Tunisia, Olivier Bouafer Darfur, said in a statement to Watt that the co-operation between France and Tunisia is going on, including medical and medicine research, focusing on his country funding to complete the regional hospital in Qafsa for the next two years. (Watt)

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