Monday, Elorius De Guez is the 15th anniversary of Turfomania


There are five competitors competing today in the & # 39; Phrix De Marcenat, a fourth day support event, over a distance of 2175 meters in Paris Vincennes.

Elorius De Guez, number 15 in the afternoon this afternoon in Paris Vincennes is the fundamental game that we do not have to lose.

Base of the Turfomania match in Quintess of Monday in Paris Vincennes

Elorius De Guez (15): He's never been sad at Vincennes as soon as the journey is. JMB spent the time with him and stayed this winter to showcase the image of the Great Cuillin where he was able to change from the outset since he stayed two successes and 3 places. Suitable to be involved in this lottery, the speed of the & quot; worried and looks very hard.

General statistics of Elorius De Guez

  • Run races: 18
  • Winners: 5
  • Sent: 8
  • Successful success rate: 28%
  • Reasonable level laid down: 44%

Elorius De Guez Statistics on our way of interest

  • Race race: 1
  • Victory: 1
  • Sent: 1
  • Successful success rate: 100%
  • Reasonable rate added: 100%

Elorius De Guez's statistics by BAZIRE J. M.

Elorius De Guez is linked to BAZIRE J. M. who has a successful level in the main 3% of 46% (6 on 13 races)

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