Mongolian girl hanging in a president's house; town


(Justice) – Initially, detecting the authorities, that the cause of the girls is killed themselves because of fighting with relatives.

Associated with Mong women neck hanging The Chairman of the People of the Bac Yen People, Bac Yen District, Son La Province on 20/11, said the head of the District People's Committee of Bac Yen (Son La Province) said the local police cooperated with business Units involved in the study field, analysis illustrates the event.

Initially, the authorities, the victim called G.T.D. (born in 2003, living in Ta Xua town, Ta Xua commune, Bac Yen district, Son La province). Due to a sad family situation, he went to the Bac Yen township to give food for more than 2 months. The rope girl used to hang from his neck to kill himself.

Talk about the purpose of her & # 39; Behavior, said the head of the Bac Yen area, because there was a conflict between the previous girl and parents. The girl would take a day off in a restaurant to go home but the parents did not agree.

Appearing for the purpose of a young Mongolian woman; hung in the house of the city chair

Where the event happened

The house where the event takes place as a family chairman of the People of the Bac Yen People's Committee, business & first floor. Minority of small businesses, so the family only employs staff.

The process of work, which responds well to homeowners, does not have to, cursing does not cause problems, and # 39; prevent anything from girls.

Following a survey of the scene to identify the victim of suicide, Bac Yen district authorities gave the body over their relatives and brought them home in Ta Xua commune (the same area).

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