Monks sugar, a new hope to fight against cancer


The body can not live glucose. The sugar in the blood is part of what breathes the organs of our bodies for growth. The problem is that cancer cells are also used to spread. Now, scientists believe they have a way to cut that supply.

And it is through sugar sugar, a natural development that has been discharging the spread of different types of cancer in mice and its; The development of the medicinal effect of chemotherapy, according to a review conducted by the Cancer Research UK and Cancer Reasearch Worldwide, which was published this week in the Natural Nature magazine.

Although the mice results are, the scientists who are in charge of the survey hope that they will be suitable in a human patient, but they need to do more tests, they have identified BBC journalists , Alex Therrien.

For the test, the research team carried the peat control, a type of sugar found in produce such as blue, pancreatic mice, lungs and skin cancer and found that the growth of the towers grew down without a & # 39; bad adverse effects.

Monks are a natural development, found in certain fruits such as blueberries.

It is believed that the dog, which is easily accessible and sometimes used to give up disorder, preventing towers from becoming glucose to grow, although experts surveyed warns that no-one should believe that he is in a position; to cure because many other tests are still to be done.

Census – Larger handling

Friars have been convinced not only that it is good to stop some of the civilians from being able to. grow, but it has developed the results of some medicines.

In mice treated with two of the most widely used chemotherapy drugs, cisplatin and doxorubicin, researchers found that healing with the one could increase the impact of chemotherapy, and, hairstyle and size size, write it. BBC health expert.

In the case of other types of cancer, such as leukemia, osteosarcoma (bone cancer), ovarian and sheep cancer, some cells responded well to the gun and there were no others. Their response appears to depend on the levels at which that engine is going to be; break up that sugar.

Minerals were not proven effectively with cans such as leukemia or ovarian cancer.

The author, Professor Kevin Ryan, from the Beatson Institute of Cancer Research UK, said Alex Therrien told the BBC that his team had found a dose of peat "could stop Give enough glucose to reduce the disaster reduction in mice, but not to prevent normal business growth. "

The bodies need glucose for energy, but cancerous tumors are also used to do so; bringing their growth.

"This is an original search, but it is hoped that this perfect balance will be shown that a passenger can provide the future for cancer patients to develop chemotherapy without a & # 39; detrimental to the general health, "he said, recounting the warning that no-one. You must provide this natural extension to your normal extension without talking to your doctor.


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