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Monster Energy Monarch - The Videogame Officials 2

Second trip in the fields.

02/17/2019. 10:30 | о Sityi | Tour / test

Italian Milestone His team found his calculations greatly by improving almost all motor games. To speak quickly, the poor road to date, full of bridges, but I have been able to do it; Thinking that each of their motorcycle strings are getting better, and indeed the dress is really big back – without being a bit more "welcome". Me a Ride What's on top of my list, with the third part, we can reach the level we can expect now when we put the high bar – that's just what Forza Horizon An open world may be more fun and well-balanced. A & # 39; MotoGP and that MXGP there are other sleeping notes: games are good, just what little ones are missing are missing for special. Now she's here for the series Monster Power Supercross 2 (I have not written it down again, I do not want to climb my fingers unnecessary :-)), the first part that I removed from the cross Water last year – see Milan's friends got 12 months!

Monster Energy Monster - Test Official Videogame 2 - Fight on two wheels

I start with the outside because he has gotten here quickly: the person who saw last year, the idea saw. You can say your puppy – I say it's wrong if you've made progress on games and the rest. In addition, it is not possible to say that the story last year is ugly, or even there is room for further development. The NVIDIA Ansel support is fortunate enough, so you can create amazing 3D stereo images as you can see … No, I think it's the only thing that needs to be identified: if we are running in a podium, we can make great popularity for major results; There is a bit of something already, but indeed we can increase our arsenal of gambling money – so the amazing quilts are named by combos like Street Figher / Mortal Kombat.

But to get back to work one year: it did not work outright. We will now get the usual game modes, and return to the famous career designer last year. Fortunately, there was a change in the right way; In the game: the professional method was pleasant to be enjoyable (it was a bit flat and polished earlier). What happened? There are three days between two competitions that we can be free: either we will attends a news event, or we play with our sponsors or our supporters; We can also train or stand up against a competitive rivalry. The first three posts are & # 39; giving extra money and fans: we get the most amazing things as a result. Training is a more interesting topic. You need to do a specific job, without more than 5 running, without time back. In a thriving situation, we will have a place of knowledge, which is essential to increase our reputation, so the sponsors will come upright and more. Competition with a competitor wants to make a personalized circuit: if we win, the owner holds for his / her. A better old woman, if possible – if not, he will emphasize the time relationship.

Monster Energy Monster - Test Official Videogame 2 - Fight on two wheels

The Italians also got the control of the engines (again): this time, the usual physics, which I am going to do; think, a healthy balance between reassurance and competence. If we put on it, it will not be bad (or even), but it's too hard for me to keep the dragon under control. , do not worry, and the course will start the first time you start. For the Supercross route, it is good for requesting applications (for example, "road conditions" will change firmly as a result of typing and deepening competition marks), but Flow Aid can help with levels , showing that in principle we would be a good way between two ships. You do not have to write an unsatisfactory, and I think it's the class 450 class that suited it – it might not be a good group to do 250 and do it. Responding to the race to match the competition. , so that we get closer to the designated arches – but it's bigger for gourmets …

… just because MI has a & # 39; continue to play quickly! I had a race where I had to go to the platform with a normal age-old iron player so I can do this with the 21 co-workers at the same weekend in the same situation (but on the way else) – but in the race I can hit myself on the podium. . The rider is obviously jumping on the runners of the machine, but I can not tell you what particular problems are there; , just because they are taken on one of the paths such as the two-dimensional drum, and elsewhere it seems that the brake ship is pulled instead of its gas …

Monster Energy Monster - Test Official Videogame 2 - Fight on two wheels

Develop in detail Monster Power Supercross 2, it's not about it. The designer can do a great job for his or her credentials, and the post, if not F1 2018 but it's started at a. on this side. Motocross / supercross is definitely missing, but I also recommend praises to those who like races – there is a little different knowledge of two wheels of movement (if it's running) , but it can be the only adrenaline bomb.

Monster Energy Monster - Test Official Videogame 2 - Fight on two wheels

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