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The draft budget law incorporates largely the political goals of Levica, but there is a huge massiveness, co-ordinator Levica Luka Mesec said. It does not provide a coordination of some social systems in 2019, and, on the other hand, it is expected to buy 38 car cars for the SV. It is a fundamental foundation of the government and a budget for which it has been canned or butter.

At today's news conference in Ljubljana, the Moon confirmed that they are satisfied that the draft law on the implementation of its budget; expects a higher annual pension allowance for the following year, an amazing change of pensions and 10 additional workforce inspectors. As he explained, this would ensure more effective control of staff law breach.

Similarly, there is a provision in the current format in which public sector workers do not work through other organizations, but offices and state institutions will be appointed. He also said that the copyright associated with this is coming from here.

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The moon draws attention to the problems

However, the draft considers, in his opinion, a huge disadvantage. It is still acknowledged that children's change could not be given, child birth allowances, parental allowances, pupil care, social welfare payment, unemployment allowances, disability allowances and others on disability allowances in 2019 could be altered to academy and care inflation.

According to Mesec, the value of 16 million jewels is in a & # 39; this pack. On the other hand, the Minister for Defense Karl Erjavec has already confirmed that he has signed an agreement for the purchase of 38 Oshkosh 4×4 armor conveyors for the Soviet Armed Forces (SV), which would be part of the battalion a large-scale soldier and would give them 15.5 million barrels.

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"Military vehicles would not replace"

How a moon goes to & # 39; Remember, Levica was warned for months that do not need to be bought, because Slovakia is not in any way that is badly armed. Accordingly, these military vehicles would not contribute to any attack against Slovenia, because they are not aiming for defensive but criminal jobs. At the same time, they are not needed in civil cases, where they needed more, he said.

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So they are asking the government to reconsider this issue. They also want an emergency meeting of the Defense Committee, where they will resign their position from the agreement signed by Erjavec. They also recommend that the Minister for Defense should consult with her; Future Security Committee on all purchases of military equipment, and that the government should prepare changes to the legislation that requires the National Assembly for the purchase of weapons worth more than EUR 1 million , South-

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