Montiel: "There were generous Benedetto motions"


The Jura Benedetto show was all over the world. After Boca's defeat against the River in the Copa Libertadores Superfinal, Gonzalo Montiel put Pipa's sport against him who raised hundreds of games and the millionaire defender named.

"They showed me the video when the game came to an end. The fact is that it was an ugly event, but now we have to devolve ourselves to do it; marks ", he told Olé. And when they asked him he promised him, he said: "No, no, no, I will send them to my family, to my parents who came with him, the team and the staff."

On the other hand, the 21-year-old youth introduced: "I've won the first round of the Cup that I need to play, and the face of Boca, I have something that left me in the story and my dream." We need to enjoy what we have achieved because of; We have won a Cup prize for our classical competitor. It's priced, but the River does not rest and we need to think about what's going on. come. If I'm thinking of being & # 39; win against Real Madrid? In fact I'm thinking about it. "

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