Moody builds his opinion on the Ukrainian banking department to "positive"


Moody looked at his forward vision on the Egyptian bank system on Monday, led by an enhanced operational environment.

The revitalization of the economy and the common links with superior governmental levels are improving, Moody said, guide Moody's view of the Egyptian banking system.

Banks will continue to be able to create sustainable investment based on investments and acquire huge assets, especially in local money, she said.

Moody expected to achieve a real GDP growth in Egypt 5.5 per cent in 2019 and 5.8 per cent in 2020, and that a level of banking services would increase; increasing, supporting support for investments and loans.

It also anticipated that the rates of unpaid loans Sustainable achievement in line with economic growth strength, and says that unbundling loans in Egyptian banks fell to 4.4 per cent of total loans in September 2018.

"Egyptian growth is driven by more investment in the public and private sectors, higher exports and revitalization of tourism," said Konstantinos Kiprios, First Deputy Moody President. "We expect the budget to grow around 15% in 2019. Banks will hold many local cash funding,"

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