Mòrag mòr fo Kom peak! The big wind made the roof of the new cottage (PHOTOS) – Blitz


The new cottage under Kom bar, which is owned by the tourist company, still has a Find out a day before the season begins. On Sunday night, he rarely woke a great wind and dropped it down. This is clear from photos on Facebook.

Hajari was sending a request to help with social networks.

"Dear friends and loved ones, we will turn to everyone for help. Help us with funding or labor to cover their homes! If anyone who have the opportunity and want to help please contact us 0887514777 and 0884842019. Thank you in advance! "

The cottage is located in the Kories area at 1506 meters above sea level, 14km from Berkovitsa. It was built in 1966 The large building, with a capacity of 120 seats.

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