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Now Google has opened Switzerland's slot – then half the world is for storing their data in Switzerland.

Almost 1000 female entrepreneurs, digital actors and data experts from Swiss companies have accepted the invitation to Google Zurich technology. They all have an interest in the Google Cloud.

Google is also very interested in Swiss companies, Christian Sciullo, Countryside Manager for the newly launched Cloud Swiss, said. “Switzerland is an attractive market.” Many companies in this country come from technology. "We want to offer you the cloud solutions."

Everyone works for the banks

The financial industry is at the heart of Google's intentions. Already, there have been many discussions with interested parties, Sciullo says. Banks and insurance should therefore store their data on Google servers and process data with the US multinational software, in line with the vision.

However, the search tools group is not alone. Increasingly, providers of cloud solutions are competing for Swiss banks and insurance companies. For example, the great technological giant IBM and Microsoft. They also build data centers in Switzerland. Several weeks ago, Microsoft also moved to the office of Paradeplatz in Zurich, in the heart of banking.

Also interesting for foreign companies

"It is clear that the financial sector has a kind of lighthouse," said Marc Holitscher, who is responsible for Microsoft's Sky cloud. For this the criteria are particularly rigorous for data storage, finally the most important building for the banks is customer data.

Symbolic image: computer server in blue light in series.

Google data center in Atlanta / SA. Similar invasive farms are also created in Switzerland.

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In addition, Swiss data centers appeal to people beyond the borders of the country. Foreign buyers are very keen to get their data in Switzerland safely, so Holitscher.

Technology giants from foreign countries like IBM, Google and Microsoft support them with the local data centers as part of Swissness and want to make money.

Swiss companies also want a bit of the cake

There are also cool solutions from Switzerland companies. For example, SIX, which ensures that payment payments in Germany and are operating Switzerland's stock-trade, is the first address for cloud solutions for local banks. The SIX is very similar to the American technology giants.

SIX belongs to the banks and is also the largest buyers of SIX, said the media spokesperson Jürg Schneider. It is therefore possible to offer one "one stop" to the "safe banks" which meet regulatory requirements and are controlled from Switzerland. In addition, one requires individual solutions and not the production of results.

The SIX is so straight against the wishes of the giants of technology. Perhaps they are too close. Even the SA companies have done their homework. They link their clutter offers in the local market, communicate with the regulator and also with technological guidance.

For example, Google has spent hundreds of millions of Swiss Francs on a Swiss scoo and is putting a lot of personnel to the project. But still looking for "a few dozen" members of staff, just for the cloud services, Sciullo said to Google. It is a challenge for the competition from Google's Google home, but also for the local providers in Switzerland.

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