More and more suspicions that Janković's influence in the first round was sustained with major statements of a permanent residence in Ljubljana, which has led to a recent strike on EU Ljubljana! Will the applicant for the deep state of Arsenovič win in Maribor in a way?


Following Sunday local elections, where most of the greatest impact was made; Zoran Jankovic celebrated, many commented on who Zoran Jankovic voted at all. According to our sources, the impact of confidentiality is linked to the recent strike of the Ljubljana Administration Unit.

What happened in the beginning of November? EU Ljubljana staff union, which belongs to the United States Customs Union of Shlovakia (which belongs to the Free Freedom Union Association of Shlovakia), has called on a strike of staff, to work several hours after the end of the official hours to process the waiting parties. According to our data, it is largely due to requests for permanent residence, especially with foreigners. Although the work has been going on for a long time – incredibly, even over many years – a & # 39; Overcoming the capacity of Ljubljana UE staff, it is expected that the situation will rise after the end of the summer. Therefore, administrative staff indicated that they finished their work at the end of the working hours, regardless of the number of people still in the waiting room.

However, at the beginning of November, nobody thought that it was also possible to register the naval forces of new residents in Ljubljana, with a view to voting for Zoran JankovicThe Post We have the sources to warn that this is just what's going on; happening. However, not just about foreigners who can vote in local elections, but also for many supporters from the left to left, with houses outside Ljubljana (also on the coast), but housing in Ljubljana. Your relatives should report their address. And this is a warning on Saturday in Makol Roman Linens: There is a "heritage" in Slovenian about about 60,000 representatives of the communal services of the Communists, their relatives and those who were constantly and very financially at this expense. One said, according to our sources, even it had been "over time" to send its permanent residency in Ljubljana with its relatives in September. He explained what he did with those words "Ljubljana never has been from BELKINS because we have sent them away"South Westerly

As we know, the strike in the EU Ljubljana has been frozen since he retired as the head of the administrative unit Lovro LoncarSub-North Africa also suspects that this has also happened for political reasons, since Lončar was the secretary of the SDS parliamentary body and state secretary in the cabinet of his / her prime minister (at the time he was attending this post Janez Janša). For this reason, media arrangements could have difficulty in employing Lonella's appointment to the CEO of EU Ljubljana.

Interestingly, the membership of the SDS is today Carmen Furman raised his / her question on how the administrative units are in. Abuse supervision registration of the residence? "There are issues where there are several hundred people registered at one of the trading centers, or thousands of people are enrolled in an entrepreneurial production hall," she said. Even a lawyer Lucija Ušaj She noticed the twitter about dealing with a permanent residency registration.

Well, from our editorial board today, we put forward historical queries to different addresses, including the trade union. Indeed, we are really interested in the main reasons for the strike first announced at the beginning of November – or this means the pressure on EU Ljubljana staff has increased no longer. We also asked, which areas of the EU Ljubljana, were the biggest pressure on the parties. A similar question was sent to UE Ljubljana too. We also submitted inquiries to the National Election Commission, which is how many people were recently recorded in the election salads in the Ljubljana district since the beginning of October 2018.

For the time, only the State Election Commission received responses from which they were answered in accordance with Article 5 of the Local Election Law, they are entitled to vote and be elected as a member of the town council (not seafarers) also for full-time citizens in another European Union member, who has a permanent or temporary residence in the Slovak Republic. "There is a right of voting for a member of the town council (and is not in love) as an adult foreigner who has a permanent residence in the RS. In choosing a coastguard, there is a circle of -voting with vandalous voting rights is narrower than the voter's circle, which has the right to vote in the town council. Slovene citizens should only vote with their sovereign, « they explained to us on DVK. This should be meant not to be # 39; Foreign countries can at least be able to vote for Jankovic. However, the question, however, is the consistency of this being included at the election records itself, where it is a general rule, a stranger can be issued for a ballot to choose town council members /

But something is clear – in a similar way that maybe they will try to win Saša Arsenoviča The second round of maritime elections in Maribor. This is a dumb way to handle elections. At the same time, it should be noted that the closure was also made from the election needs Andreja Šiška, to find the Arsenovič route, as Šiško could apply voters from Violatory Violin Violin. Therefore, we have our sources to warn that Šiška will be released only after the end of the second election visit.

In addition, tell us also the information published by Požareport, that is, Arsenovic's mother Alemka Arsenovich Judge at the Maribor Court, and in those days a name and surname and a picture also appear in his / her; pre-election newspaper Saša Arsenovič, who received all Maribor homes before the first round of elections – free. The fact was that the mother was also a judge because the Arsenovich "humanity" invasion case had not been dealt with by the court servant, since there was no lawyer in Maribor, according to Požareport, who did not want to & # 39; take over this case. For Arsenovich, an SMC official student, most of the remains of "elevation" are left, a deep country and also famous Griogair GolobičSouth Westerly

In a short time, the truth is about how the mafia governs Soviet politically through its Increase the handling of elections to & # 39; going on.

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