More banks will raise interest rates on investments


Saigon – The Hanoi Commercial Shareholding Bank (SHB) has announced that investment levels will be increased for many terms, with a maximum increase of up to 0.6% per annum. In particular, customers will offer for 6-11 months with less than 2 billion. enjoying a mental level of 7.4% per annum; From 2 billion downwards, there will be a mental level of 7.5% annually. For the 12 month period, the level of investment interest applied is 7.6% per annum … This is a high level increase in interest compared to the broader level.

Increase the rate of SHB rate to attract tenderers for a medium and long term, as well as changing interest rates for short terms of less than 6 months with 0.1%

"The demand for consumer capital is rising steadily in the last few months of the year, not just for businesses, but also also individual customers for a loan to buy houses, cars, spend … so the bank is on a ready source The main city is rather plentiful for supply, "said a SHB representative.

The Thinh Vuong Partial Stock Bank (VPBank) has just changed the level of investment interest in increasing terms of many terms. In particular, consumers have contributed 100 million seasonal levels of 3-5 months by 5.2% per annum, up 0.1% per annum compared to previous; Increasing the rate interest rate from 6-11 months to 0.6% annually to 7% per annum …

More banks will raise investment interest levels - Picture 1.

More banks were changed to raise interest rates on investments. Picture: NLD

Or at the Commercial Commercial Sharing Stock Bank (OCB), investment investment refreshments have also been amended for some of the terms. So, the 6 month interest rate has changed to 7% per annum, up 0.2% per annum compared to the previous month. The highest investment levels of OCB are € 7.7 per annum for a term 36 months when online investment (7.6% per annum for investors). For customers who have only invested savings and insurance, interest rates will be 6 months 8.2% per year, well above the normal rate of 7% per annum.

Previously, many other commercial banks such as Techcombank, Eximbank … also expanded investment investment interest levels in a sense. Moving Banks to raise the level of investment interest at the end of the year to build more capital to meet the growing demand from the market.

Not only to raise interest rates, Some banks also ask to restrict credit. Shared stock bank in Ho Chi Minh Town has sent a letter to the Vietnam State Bank to change its credit growth rate to 22% by the end of this year. Associate Deputy Director of other stock said banks would like to build their credit growth targets, especially when the demand for loans has increased significantly in the last few months of the year . At the same time, to date, Techcombank has risen from its credit line from 14% to 20%.

In the interbank market, the latest SBV report showed that interbank bank rates were in place; some of the terms are increasing. At present, the level of interbank interest used at night level of 4.72% per annum, one week to one month is the highest of 5.6% per annum.

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