More changes]After a week with Android Q Beta 1, these are the small changes we've noticed


A number of new features (including some removed features) have also been introduced into the original Android Q – we have already registered some 50 large changes. There are plenty of small blows which do not notice individual output, so we go over them here. Without any more response, these are the small changes in Android Q Beta 1.

Details of the Bluetooth device

The detail screen for making Bluetooth devices was slightly made, reflecting the appearance of the new app information screen. The tool name is now displayed more prominently, and the buttons are for forgetting or connecting it anymore.

Left: Android Pie; Right: Android Q

Enter a lock key on the lock

If you use your lock-in password, the Enter key now looks like an Enter key, instead of being a checkpoint. Motivation, I know.

The status of charges for Always-On Display

On Android Q, the current cost rating is now displayed at the top right of the exhibition Always-On, rather than the base. It seems that it makes sense that the battery status should be in the same position as when the phone is not opened. T

Notices of long term exhibition

Talking about the Al-On-On Exhibition, adverts show how it looks different. Rather than comparing with the rest of the black screen, warnings are now similar to those found in the normal query box – white background and all.

Left: Android Pie; Right: Android Q

Now Playing information

Now there is a feature to the Pixel 2 and 3 called Now Playing,; where the phone is always listening to musical theater and trying to prove the name and artist of the song. For some reason, this information is seriously corrupted on Android Q


Android Pie

Android Q

'Pill'; new lock screen

Another lock screen in Android Q changes that the coming monthly events are now appearing in a pile at the bottom of the screen, rather than being moved in the widget & At a Glance & # 39; above the messages.

Left: Android Pie; Right: Android Q

As mentioned by the 9to5Google, this base field is also used to display traffic information.

Gesture animation

For phones with a moving movement, with the ability to move, the speed of animation is hung depending on your pipe. If you switch short between apps, the animation is quick, and if your swim is longer, the animation is longer.

9to5Google has a video that shows this victory, starting from fast fronts and using it later.

When you are holding down the power button on Android Q, there is a new button; at the bottom of the list. Setting over, it opens to your user, with a button at the top for receiving emergency information (medicines, allergy, links, etc.). This should make it easier for the first responders to get the information they need.

Information in this application

When you have an Android Pixel Launcher search capability in Android Q, it is holding down an app showing a button. Previously, the drawer is an app (or the Settings app) that got into your app information page.

Developers options for Lock Lock

Android Q for Smart Lock, which is hidden in the Development Options menu, has two new settings – "Trust agents will only expand and open" Screen Screen when trusted "The first one allows sponsors (such as the Google Smart Lock) to keep your phone open for a longer time, and the device will end when the last trustee loses trust.

New app installation app

When submitting an application from the APK file, the confirmation message does not include the full screen any more. Instead, it is a small thing.

Other lock screen screens

Google is working on new designs for a lock-up clock. XDA developers have found three other designs that can be implemented with ADB orders – one with words instead of numbers, one with analogue hands similar to bubbles, and one with narrow hands.

None of the designs yet display weather information, so they are really the work going on. It can also be seen if Google allows users to use the Settings, or if they are unavailable officially to use OEMs.


The time your phone has been running since the last / restart period is now displayed in the Settings app, About phone.

We have previously used Bluetooth

Android Pie moved the list of previously installed Bluetooth devices to sub-list under the main Bluetooth panel. This change was definitely worrying because my pairs always needed one more sail rate.

Left: Android Pie; Right: Android Q

Android Q is now changing this change, by showing the last three devices connected to the main screen. A further inventory is required for the full list of plant items but this is certainly a development.

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