More delivery problems with NOS medicines


More than half of the delivery problems arose in 2018, according to the shortage of Meldpunt drugs and shortcomings, as delays occurred. Other reasons arose more frequently, often caused by a lack of other maker, and problems with design and distribution.

Chairman of MEP, De Boer and IGJ chief executive Eckenhausen say that it is very difficult if there is a medical shortage. "With each report, we will be looking at what this means for patients, whether that can be a shortage of life, and if so, how we may get shortage of resources, or if we do not have any difficulty." luckily, companies know how to find the better point of report and report before it raises a real noise.

If there is a shortage of work in the near future, ask the authorities involved in the activity to provide extra medicine medicines to help them out of their shortage. Medication can also be obtained from abroad.


Health Minister Bruins wants to take action to prevent future shortages. He is working on a bill to empower wholesalers and pharmacists to collect stock that patients can use for at least four months.

At the beginning of this year, Bruins said that four months' stock could fix 60% of the deficiencies. “The majority of this disease lasts a few weeks. The problem must be solved and resolved, "he said. T

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