More information about Windows Core, the Microsoft OS in the future


With Windows 10, Microsoft created a platform that agrees several sections of devices. But the company wants to go further and create a completely universal platform. For this reason Windows Core, which is known to be privately developed. Now news has been to confirm that this operating system is even being developed.

Windows Core Microsoft

For some time now it is said that Microsoft is developing the ones that are in a position; Continuing to Windows 10. Designated by Windows Core, it can be used on many other platforms than today.

What's being prepared in Windows Core

But even with all these facts, there is a lot more information about what this system will do or what it does. One of the reservations about how this new OS could handle 32-bit applications was running.

Now that response may have been uncertain with renewal of Linkedin. Microsoft's engineer, Justin Jennings, has updated his profile and there is a lot of information about this new system and other activities.

Windows Core Microsoft

From what you can see, this Microsoft engineer has been working in this area, especially on OneCore-based devices. At the same time, there are references to OneCore modules that include both kernel and other elements of the operating system.

What else does the Microsoft engineer do?

This description appears in your Linkedin profile, in the recent updates on your profile. The Win32 application is compatible with WCOS (Windows Core OS) described in its description. In this regard, there are other functions related to Windows Core and how to connect to the device.

Windows Core should be reached when Microsoft introduces a new class of devices. It is now planned for a few years now, not to be achieved or never. So perhaps this new version is now the truth.

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