More than 10 billion losses due to Kieu Minh Tuan's love crack – The Nguyen?


Films were paid by a mother of 23 billion, until now the film has collected nearly 10 billion, talks about eating consensus with the theater. Because Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen have a shocking impact on the film, this unit has decided to take part in the District District of 7 Kieu Minh Tuan District, Ho Chi Minh City . So, the actor has returned a 900 million VND salary to the producer.

Kieu Minh Tuan (nice) and The Nguyen in the movie Do not marry her mother.

Kieu Minh Tuan (South) and The Nguyen in the movie Uncle Baby Do not Marry Me.

The producers say the movie is the result of a real actress's love crack. Due to the low income of the film, there are many reasons such as: Time is not good, good vision, good advertisement, content is not attractive, the script is removed , the actor is bad … But why does the actor constrain the erotic crack? If the producer does not look back on his / her nature; case, to consider what the movie is about; essential and changing, even though it is still making films, it's easy to do.

Films Uncle does not take the child led by the director Dinh Tuan Vu, about single mother's life (An Nguyen) and an active son called Spider (follow Huu Khang's child). One day, the Fairy in the north-east (Kieu Minh Tuan) – wanted one father. He has a daughter of the same age Spider called Elsa (Chu Diep Anh). There are many fun situations that happen when two children play out, prevent their parents coming together. Kieu Minh Tuan and An Nguyen performance were raised by a pair of children's actors.

Nguyen An

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